The Fantastical Heart of the Old Continent That Was But Was-Not

 The Grand Budapest Hotel | Grand Budapest Hotel  Country: USA/GBR/DEU 2013  Director: Wes Anderson  Photo description: Tony Revolori, Saoirse Ronan  Section: Competition  File: 20146244_3.jpg © 2013 Twentieth Century Fox

The Grand Budapest Hotel opens the Berlinale

The Berlinale’s starting gun is fired…and they’re off! The goodies, baddies, and everyone else scurrying up and down and through pastry-pink corridors of The Grand Budapest Hotel at the very height of its splendor, a fantabulous story told to a earnest Young Author, written in a much-loved book, displayed in a magnificent movie-with-a-movie, which tells a tale of adventure, of danger and woe, a Grand Old Allegory for Good Old Europe before that Menace we all know-too-well, that of the jackboots, grayness, and death squads in this delicate and once-hopeful period between the two Wars in an account proper and polite, of delicacy and charm like a three layered puff-pastry from Mendl’s prominent pâtisserie, giving Voice and Image not to the twin disastrous Ideologies looming over European History like shadows of giants, but rather to their Proud and Optimistic Refusal, although sadly enough not of their Overcoming. It is a Europe celebrated in a way


Read the rest here on MUBI notebook


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