fragment 0011: Ulrich Seidl

Paradise Love, Ulrich Seidl.

Two Austrian friends discuss love in Africa as the bartender watches on – Paradise Love, Ulrich Seidl.

You feel differently. Don’t you think?
– I always feel like that here.
– I’m sweating.
– Wait until you smell their skin. It’s incredible. You’ll never forget it.
– Whose?
– The negroes’ of course. It smells like coconuts. You just want to bite and lick it! It’s truly amazing, you’ll see.
– You are simply unbearable.
– You’ll see!
– I don’t dare.
– You’ll be addicted soon. Addicted!
– They’re really cute. But they all look the same. I just met this one guy and mistook him for another.
– That’s only in the beginning.
– Really?
– You distinguish them by their height. That’s the easiest way.
– How tall they are, you mean?
– Yes, whether they’re taller or shorter.
– Got it.
– Mine is a giant.
– He’s big?
– Yes … everywhere!


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